Food waste – Paris Hilton impressed me and you can 2!

Dear all,

What a pleasure!   To have so much food that it is wasted! I bet none of those 870  million starving for food have any food wasting issues. It is great to see that Paris Hilton is taking an action and starts waste reduction program which will be implemented in her hotels. All the respect for the socialite for her effort.

Two things makes you discard food which still has a value:

1. Insufficient purchase planning

2. Failure to use food before expiry date

Are you in one of the categories above? I grew up in a big family as a daughter of a grocery keeper which basically meant that there was never too much money and every food item ended into our table and none of us had any issues using it no matter if the best before date or used by date was slightly off. I would advise not to risk too much however too often perfectly usable food is wasted and at the same time 5 children is killed for malnutrition in every 5 minutes. This makes me shake my head. Gap is just too big and in my mind it is disgraceful to waste food while people die for the lack of it.

These days I quite happily eat other people’s waste food and go for waste food dinner and I also love  what my favourite  global waste charity and its UK branch  because they are doing such a great work around waste and not forgetting Love Food Hate Waste which is brilliant waste reduction project  I’m so proud of Londoners and celebrity chefs  who are not afraid to eat waste food.

What are you thoughts of wasting food I would love to hear who has a best plan for not wasting any food. Click here for tips.


5 thoughts on “Food waste – Paris Hilton impressed me and you can 2!

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